Ways to Survive a Breakup

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Ways to Survive a Breakup

People nowadays are quite active in social media. Through the power of social network or social media everyone will know every detail of your life whether it is good or bad. And even your recent breakup is not exempted especially if you used to post or flaunt your sweet photos together. You can’t hide the fact that you and your ex-partner is not an item anymore because your common friends in the social media will surely notice it. But the most painful part is that if you will see the status or picture of your ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend dating with other boy/girl. These things are the dis-advantages of having a social media account because you will deal with many issues that can add to your emotional stress.

So if you are one of those people who are experiencing this kind of dilemma on the social network, don’t get fret! Here’s how to deal and survive with your current breakup.

De-Friend Him – yes you need to remove your ex from your friend’s list on the social network so you can easily move on. It’s not very helpful if you will see the whereabouts of your ex in the social media because it will only make you suffer and obsessed to monitor his/her social life and activities.

Delete All the Photos – removing all the photos of you and your ex is also very helpful to survive the current breakup. This task is not easy because every photo is very meaningful to you. But you need to do this to easily let go the person and your feelings as well.

Give Yourself Space – you must give yourself enough time mourn a tough breakup. A period of grieving also means that you must lie low in any social media account that you have. By doing this you can avoid posting your random feelings about the breakup. In this kind of situation in your life, it will be better if you will just leave your status blank.  All you have to do during your ‘Me Time’ is to feel and release the pain in your heart. This things is not an easy task but it can surely help you to get survive and to feel better.

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