The Complete Guide To Meeting Thailand Girls, Thai Dating and Understanding Thai Girls and Thai Woman!

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The Complete Guide To Meeting Thailand Girls, Thai Dating and Understanding Thai Girls and Thai Woman! www.YourThaiGirl.comClick Image To Visit SiteHow a 62 year old guy left his nagging wife to retire in Thailand with a devoted and beautiful 27 yr old Thai girlfriend, and where everyday is a WHOLE new experience…

How a 23 year old adventure seeker lives like a ROCK STAR and gets to meet lovely Thai women on a daily basis, when he’s not hitting the ocean or partying like there’s no tomorrow!

How a 41 year old guy accidently ‘discovered’ Thailand and its delicious food, amazing lifestyle and super friendly Thai women so much he COULDN’T leave!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Martin Hurley. I’ve never written a letter like this before. But what I just told you sums things up pretty well. And it all starts back in November 2003…

I had just flown in to the sprawling metropolis of Bangkok, Thailand. I was hot, disorientated — and starting to feel slightly desperate.

It was so bad that once the taxi had deposited me at my hotel, I didn’t dare stray out of seeing distance from my lodgings. It was like a scene out of Blade Runner – traffic madly whizzing past, huge overpasses jutting skyward, strange food on every corner.

At first I thought it might have been something to do with my western style clothes. Or the way I looked. Whatever the case, it was definitely weird. Anyway – it was probably nothing… Or was it?

After three hours of sweating out every liquid that’s ever been poured into me for the last 3 months, confused and culture shocked, I gave up on trying to understand "Thai" and headed back to my hotel TV. And that’s when I noticed this weird thing happening all over again.

I thought perhaps there was just a small chance that maybe, just maybe, all these Thai folks had never seen a western guy before.

Or that I was just a white guy in Thailand, with only a Thai language guide book to keep me sane. But it happened everywhere I went.

Eventually, after hours of exploring I began to get a giddy and strange feeling that I was being watched. And let me tell you something. No matter what you look like, or where you come from, once you’re in Thailand, this weird thing will happen to you too.

Back in the safety of my hotel, I went down to talk to the hotel lobby girl. What happened next was eerie.

While we chatted, I felt as if she had sprinkled some sort of ‘love powder’ or something into my water. It was uncanny.

My whole body began to feel completely at ease, all the tension evaporating and every muscle in my body relaxing with every calming word that popped out her mouth!

It caught me right of my guard. To my astonishment, all the Thai girls in the lobby seemed to be rather keen to chat. In fact, they ALL seemed to have one amazing thing in common…

I was confused. You see, we Aussie’s… Read more…

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