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Relationship Advice - How to Get Your Ex Back - The M3 System - 2-cvClick Image To Visit SiteOh my GOD!! Your stuff works soooo well!! I haven’t had any kind of contact with my ex, and she is already leaving emails, text messages, calls, all that! She is saying it was a mistake and that we should get back together and telling me how much she MISSES me.

I just got off the phone with her, and as much as I would have loved to say to her how much I missed her and wanted her now, I stood my ground and told her, that the best thing for us right now is to spend time with our families and friends, and that later we could consider giving this a shot. All of this in a calm tone of voice by the way. Anyway, I will still celebrate my birthday this weekend only with friends and family, keep on going to the gym (cause I used to go a lot, but started slacking out just to spend more time with her, look where that got me? lol), do some yoga, and simply work on myself so whenever we get back together not only will she have me back, but she will have that same positive, full of positive energy Carlos that she fell for.

Hi Michael! Been a while…but wanted to let you now that last weekend my Fiancee who dumped me in August was back in my arms last week, telling me how much she loved and missed me and making plans or the future.

She said, ‘I saw the old Steve again…the one who was confident and made me laugh…and all the time I craved’.

The thing is….its been 9 weeks since the split and i had dated a few women…one of which i have grown very fond of and has booked a lodge for a night away for us next week…so i now have a decision to make that is the toughest i have faced in my life. Both are making plans for my Birthday next week

1. I have my ex…. younger prettier and the history and memories together but a track record of dumping me with small issues between us too detailed for this email

2. The new Girl…lots of mutual attraction and who I feel I have more in common with, but being new there is obviously no history

Your program WORKS! and the advice you gave me has been both essential in helping me through the initial loss and awesome in its success and I would not be the same person now without it.

Hi Michael, It’s me, Nicky and I just wanted to let you know that I think you’re awesome! So much of what you said it was so insightful. I just want to thank you so much for your time, so much for your advice and and I’m just was very thankful that I came across your pages. What I’m feeling right now after having… Read more…

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