Is He a Player?

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is he a player

Every woman is afraid to be one of the victims of a player guy. Well, this is just normal because it’s not a pleasant feeling to be hurt by a certain person that you really like or love. This is the reason why you have to be smart enough to determine the real intention of the guy who is currently courting you so that you can avoid multiple regrets in the future.

Don’t be easily attracted to his charm and appearance. You must know his background first through your common friends so you may know if he’s a player in his past relationships or not. With your simple investigation you can easily collect important information about his past and other whereabouts.

Another important thing to keep in your mind is that you must not easily fall in his super sweet words. It is because most of the players are using sweet words to compliment and win the heart of many girls. So if you want to keep your distance from those players, check some of the additional signs of a player guy that are written below:

1. He only call or text you during late hours. He will tell you that he misses you and want to see you but the truth is he is just bored. In short, your just one of his favorite booty calls.

2. He’s not on time whenever you have a date with him. Your player boyfriend or suitor will tell you various reasons or excuses in order to cover up his shortcomings in your relationship.

3. You can easily catch him if he’s not telling you the truth if his words or stories are not consistent.

4. You will always hear his mobile phone ringing or beeping but he can’t afford to answer it in front of you because those calls or texts are from the other girls.

5. He might forget important or small details about you such as your favorite color, food, perfume scent, birthday, etc.

Those examples are your guide to avoid a player guy in your life. Remember all the simple tips on this article so you can avoid any player guys that can cause of your broken heart.

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