How To Get Your Girlfriend Back

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How To Get Your Girlfriend BackClick Image To Visit SiteUrgent: You’re running out of time – read this letter before your window of opportunity slams shut for good…

And you feel like your social life will never recover, because your confidence is completely shattered.

But you don’t have to feel that way a minute longer, because I’m going to show you a simple secret that not only gets her back, but makes her fall even more in love with you than she was before the breakup.

Meet Zach. His situation might be slightly different than yours, but I think you’ll find you have a lot in common.

This went on for several weeks, until one day Nicole phoned Zach up and said the four little words no man wants to hear…

Like most guys, he begged and pleaded for her to give him another chance. But nothing he said could change her mind.

And when I say back together, I don’t mean Nicole "gave him another chance" in some weird controlling or patronizing way.

I mean she was ALL OVER HIM, kissing him like crazy, telling him "I love you I love you I love you," tears streaming down her face, begging him to take her back.

Scientists have recently discovered that we have not one but two brains: the "new" brain, which is more recently evolved, and the "old" brain, which is called the amygdala.

Evolutionary biologists call the amygdala our reptilian or "lizard brain" because it’s responsible for our most primitive instincts and reflexes.

The lizard brain is what protects us from outside threats – the "fight or flight" instinct we all still carry with us from the cave man days.

Her lizard brain convinced her she needed a "stronger cave man" who could do a better job of giving her food, shelter and protection.

That’s why she’s flirting with other guys, even though her rational, normal brain is still loyal to you.

Her lizard brain convinced her you were an "unreliable cave man" who wouldn’t be able to give her the food, shelter and protection she needs.

Bottom line: For reasons that are out of your control, your girlfriend got switched into "lizard brain" mode, which has caused her to break up with you… even though her normal, rational self is longing to be in your arms again.

Has she seemed emotionally CONFUSED, like one minute she still wants to be with you and the next minute she doesn’t?

Is the level of hurt and anger she expresses wildly disproportionate to whatever you did to make her so upset?

…Then your girlfriend is being controlled by her lizard brain. Once I show you how to "bump" her out of lizard brain mode, getting her back becomes very simple.

Calmly say something like "you know what, I think you’re right. It’s probably best that we breakup."

I know this is highly counter-intuitive, but when you say these words, you literally knock her back into "rational" mode.

And yet here you are, calmly agreeing with the breakup, without a… Read more…

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