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HOW TO BECOME A REALTOR - GUIDE FOR BEGINNERClick Image To Visit SiteThe E-book helps beginners in real estate brokerage industry learn clear and proper working skills by easy steps.

This step is to supply basic knowledge around real estate brokerage industry and set up a successful mind before going to serious business

This 9 skills are very important for any real estate agent. You have to know if you want to pass beginner stage.

After you acquire strong spirit and necessary knowledge, you need clear and perfect plan to go the right direction and  save your time.

This section in “how to become a realtor”, I will show you 5 best personalities: Be a doer, Positive thinking, Willing to learn, Manage the fear and Power of honesty. You will learn the importance of these personalities and how to get them by steps

Real estate brokerage or realtor is a freelance work even you work in a company or work alone. You work for yourself, so you need a clear plan and have the discipline to implement it. In this section in “How to become a realtor”, you will learn how to draw an obvious and effective straight line plan step by step, not only it save your time, but you can also make your own a best plan to become realtor.

When you master AS, you can understand the average price of property on each street and in locality in your working area and you can take a property tour for buyer as fast as possible even if there is a traffic jam. In this section in “How to become a realtor”, you will learn how to choose your most profitable area segment and how to investigate the aspects which assist you in understanding the feature and value of street, area deeply to compare to others and give the best advices to your clients.

When you master DM, you can connect all data and remember exactly. When a buyer asks you, you can answer immediately and show your professional style. In this section in “How to become a realtor”, you will sum up all the subject above and put them into an excel sheet. Then you can easily find a data and compare to another one. I also show you the way how to put the address statistic in excel sheet into the location in Google map. Finally, I’ll show you how to turn excel sheet into an investigate sheet.

When you master CS, you can understand almost a person by talking and observing, how he/she decides to trade. In different cultures, people have different trading psychology and purchasing tradition, but they can be studied in the same method. In this section in “How to become realtor”, you will learn how to investigate the seller and buyer’s aspects which assist you in understanding the clients deeply to assist you in connecting them and give the best advices to your clients.

In many advertising channels in real estate brokerage, the channel through referral word of mouth from old… Read more…

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