The Disadvantages of Long Distance Relationship

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Being in a long distance relationship is quite hard to manage. You must be patient enough to handle this kind of relationship because you will surely face or feel lots of trials in your relationship. We all know that all types of relationships are dealing with multiple issues. However, dealing with LDR or long distance relationship is quite challenging!

Togetherness of a couple is very important in any kind of love relationship especially during special occasions such as birthday, anniversary, holidays and many more. It’s really sad to celebrate special event when your partner is miles away! You may feel severe emptiness and loneliness because you know you can’t always be with your partner. This may be one of the reasons why many long distance relationships didn’t last.

And because of multiple disadvantages of being in a long distance relationship, you or your partner will tend to seek for love and attention to others. So before you commit with long distance relationship, you must think well if you can really handle the situation of having a partner that is away from you, and you will only have limited time, days, weeks and months in a year to spend or bond with her/him.

Let’s face it! It’s really different if you can celebrate common or special occasion with your special someone. Sharing and showing the feelings of love and caring with each other in personal is really satisfying. In short being together is priceless!

You must understand first the possible outcome of being in a long distance relationship so you can avoid severe arguments, sadness, cheating and many more! It’s very important to understand how difficult to be in a long distance relationship. But if you think your love is strong enough to accept the challenge of long distance relationship, then go ahead and be happy with your partner regardless of the distance apart. And who knows? You and your partner will be one of the strong couples that can be survived and successful in managing long distance relationship.

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