Does He Deserve Second Chance?

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Is love better the second time around? Can you gamble on a second chance on your relationship? There is a saying that “Boys will be boys” especially when it comes to cheating. I’m not sure if there is one explanation to this, there are lots of theories to help everyone understand why men cheat on their girlfriends or wives.  But whatever the theory or the reason of his cheating, you can’t deny the fact that it really hurts you big time!

And the big question is, ‘does he deserve a second chance’? Well, there are also a lot of things to consider if your partner deserves a second chance. And you have to be firm on whatever decision that you will make.

Below are the best things to consider if your partner really deserves a second chance:

Firstly, take time to contemplate before initiating any decision. By doing this, you can reflect more about your happy times and bad times as well. You can also think about your part as a girlfriend or wife if you have a lot of shortcomings towards your boyfriend/husband. This is very important step that you need to do so you can think logically.

Secondly, does he ask a sincere apology? You have to feel the sincerity of his words if he really regrets the hurtful things that he did to you so you can check your feelings if you are still willing to continue the relationship with him.

Thirdly, are you willing to forgive him wholeheartedly? You must understand that when you accept his apology, you must forgive him completely. This only means that you must avoid those cheating issues in any of your conversation so you can avoid unwanted fights that can affect your relationship on a third time!

Lastly, ask yourself if you can still love and trust him regardless of his betrayal on your relationship. In short, the decision depends on your hands. This is why you need enough time to think well to analyze and anticipate the possible outcome once you will accept or decline his apology.

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